Memo (In You pt 2)

from by Jack Fuller

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You were supposed to get out a WHOLE SONG AGO!!!


It's not
I been
Takin your shit way too long
It's not
For me
To feel like moving on
(Clearly you didn't know exactly what you had
Now your access is stripped. This door is closed To. bad.
You'll never get back)
It's not
I been
Takin your shit way too long
It's not
For me
To feel like moving on
[I got somebody new]
And he's way
[Better than you. who knew?]

Can't believe you're still here
After you went H.A.M on every plan to destroy me
You almost succeeded
I was broken down. Crying and shit everynight.

You never was worth it
[My time and my energy. My LOVE]
You never was worth it
[My life, my space, my LOVE]

Oh i got your boxes packed
And all of your shit is stacked
[In the front]
Not to the back
Why would i let you deeper in my house?
Get [OUT!]

[I got someone new
and he's way better than you]
He got muscles like
An Adonis
[You were too scrawny
Should have known you would play me]
You think cuz i got all this meat that you are
[Better than me
You weigh nothin]

Sick of your mess
Sick of the stress
Too tired to function
You drain me dry
You think you high up brother?
But you just lied up
[Poisoned] my ear and thought that i wouldn't figure out you were lame.
You don't have the KNOWLEDGE or TALENT to back up all your CLAIMS.
[This diva is] moving on while you wallow in your shame
This ain't no game
Still being tame
Trying to remain sane
{You do the same as you zoom}
{Don't let door hit you where I used to}
oh yea you'll remember boo.
You'll be missing me and I been over you
[It's all over!] (repeat)

You steady missing me and I'm already over you.
The besties agree. You done been kicked out of the crew
Don't get excited. No reuniting will be happening in the future
[Hoping will not serve you well in this situation]

Still talking when your body should be
In motion
You never cared about
My emotions
You want the antidote well I got
That potion
Get out my face and change
Your body language

And please stop trying to get a word in
[Chll STAT]
Before I call Adonis back in
And at my next event RSVP no for me
Chances are done you see
So glad i can finally
Rockin back and forth like you're bugging out
Wont change a thing
[This is happening]
What are you gonna do now?


vamp for the gods!!!!! lol


from The Build, released August 10, 2011
1st half produced by Jack Fuller but adapted from a Jam session w/ Stephanie Lawrence-Bass Justin Mathews-Guitar Javi Santiago-Keys. Second half Produced/composed by Jack Fuller
Performed, arranged, written by Jack Fuller



all rights reserved


Jack Fuller New York, New York

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