Human Duty ft Farasha QueenofSheeba (Prod. by AJIsReal)

from by Jack Fuller

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You never know what someone is going through.


You never know what someone is going through
Insensitivity is deadly. Behold the proof.
Mass-murderings happening so often, we don't know just what to do

Take a look at how you could be responsible
For the actions of the ones around you. 'Tis possible
That you missed a moment to be a blessing for someone in need.
Think about YOUR limits next time you treat someone poorly

Start by being kind.
Show someone your smile.
It's not hard to spread some peace.
A nod can change the world
Of one boy or one girl.
(Don't let 'em suffer alone)
It's your human duty.

(Rap) Farasha QueenofSheeba

Rap (Farasha)
Just think of life as a stage
Leaving the world so amazed
but yet your heart is disdained
Cuz is left inhumane
Disturbances in you brain
Yet you try to proclaim
To be the king and so spiritual
Wow, what a shame
That no one told you he’s watchin
If you step to the plate
When your smiles are so fake
And your style imitates
The very thing that you promised you would never be
An impostor maskin all your inner beasts
Imagine if your energy
Was connected to every human beings
Would you smile and live happily
Or separate so selfishly
That’s why I’d rather tell truth than to tell lies
Tattle tells writing scriptures on their white lines
Not realizing God’s grace gave us life lines
So we can be somebody’s blessing without a disguise
I remember when depression tried to kick
You feel lost, alone
No peace within
That’s when a smile from a stranger needs to set in
We’re all humans searching for
No comments
No doctrines
No labels
No fairy tale fables
Our human duty will resurrect truly
When the God in thee
Sees the God in me



from The Build, released August 10, 2011
Jack Fuller-Performer, Songwriter, Arranger
Farasha QueenofSheeba- Rapper



all rights reserved


Jack Fuller New York, New York

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