The Build

by Jack Fuller

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Jack Fuller has done it again. Bringing new sounds and styles to his already eclectic catalog, Jack Fuller's, 'The Build', has a genre all it's own. Each track shows a different way he exploits his influences, as well as, new ideas and new ways to blend styles. Jack even invites you to check out some of his process by including the 1st draft of the song "Not Difiicult to Foresee". The subject matter is different as well, in that he is no longer ambiguous about the gender of the love interest in his love songs. The topics are love (in all senses of the word), respect, and an ex-lover that just won't QUIT IT!

In the title track, Jack says, "Here comes the bulldozers to knock me down to the grown again...but THE BUILD happens after the demolition." He just wants you all to know, no matter what life throws at you, the victory is in getting back up and growing.

Jack would like to extend a special thanks to producers AJIsReal and Joel Goodwin, for the amazing tracks they gave (those weapons of mass enjoyment and enlightenment produced in a lab) [the songs they produced are designated in the track names], Farasha QueenofSheeba for her wonderful work, rapping on Human Duty (spittin' that KNOWLEDGE! lol), Trina Patterson for the mixing (sounds POPPIN...DUH!), Avery McCarthy for the beautiful artwork which expresses so many things (things that are revealed in the music ;-)! Yes Avery!), and Executive producer Claudia Glover for the financial assistance (thank you mommy! no i ain't ashamed!)

Thank you to all the fans and supporters of all kinds, both veteran and new. Much love and truth to you all!

Note: all songs without a designated producer were produced by Jack Fuller


released August 10, 2011

Jack Fuller-Performer, Songwriter, Arranger, producer of tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7
Farasha QueenofSheeba-Lyricists on Human Duty
Joel Goodwin-Producer of "Not Difficult to Foresee"
AJIsReal-Producer of "Human Duty" and "The Build"



all rights reserved


Jack Fuller New York, New York

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Track Name: Human Duty ft Farasha QueenofSheeba (Prod. by AJIsReal)
You never know what someone is going through
Insensitivity is deadly. Behold the proof.
Mass-murderings happening so often, we don't know just what to do

Take a look at how you could be responsible
For the actions of the ones around you. 'Tis possible
That you missed a moment to be a blessing for someone in need.
Think about YOUR limits next time you treat someone poorly

Start by being kind.
Show someone your smile.
It's not hard to spread some peace.
A nod can change the world
Of one boy or one girl.
(Don't let 'em suffer alone)
It's your human duty.

(Rap) Farasha QueenofSheeba

Rap (Farasha)
Just think of life as a stage
Leaving the world so amazed
but yet your heart is disdained
Cuz is left inhumane
Disturbances in you brain
Yet you try to proclaim
To be the king and so spiritual
Wow, what a shame
That no one told you he’s watchin
If you step to the plate
When your smiles are so fake
And your style imitates
The very thing that you promised you would never be
An impostor maskin all your inner beasts
Imagine if your energy
Was connected to every human beings
Would you smile and live happily
Or separate so selfishly
That’s why I’d rather tell truth than to tell lies
Tattle tells writing scriptures on their white lines
Not realizing God’s grace gave us life lines
So we can be somebody’s blessing without a disguise
I remember when depression tried to kick
You feel lost, alone
No peace within
That’s when a smile from a stranger needs to set in
We’re all humans searching for
No comments
No doctrines
No labels
No fairy tale fables
Our human duty will resurrect truly
When the God in thee
Sees the God in me

Track Name: Memo (In You pt 2)
It's not
I been
Takin your shit way too long
It's not
For me
To feel like moving on
(Clearly you didn't know exactly what you had
Now your access is stripped. This door is closed To. bad.
You'll never get back)
It's not
I been
Takin your shit way too long
It's not
For me
To feel like moving on
[I got somebody new]
And he's way
[Better than you. who knew?]

Can't believe you're still here
After you went H.A.M on every plan to destroy me
You almost succeeded
I was broken down. Crying and shit everynight.

You never was worth it
[My time and my energy. My LOVE]
You never was worth it
[My life, my space, my LOVE]

Oh i got your boxes packed
And all of your shit is stacked
[In the front]
Not to the back
Why would i let you deeper in my house?
Get [OUT!]

[I got someone new
and he's way better than you]
He got muscles like
An Adonis
[You were too scrawny
Should have known you would play me]
You think cuz i got all this meat that you are
[Better than me
You weigh nothin]

Sick of your mess
Sick of the stress
Too tired to function
You drain me dry
You think you high up brother?
But you just lied up
[Poisoned] my ear and thought that i wouldn't figure out you were lame.
You don't have the KNOWLEDGE or TALENT to back up all your CLAIMS.
[This diva is] moving on while you wallow in your shame
This ain't no game
Still being tame
Trying to remain sane
{You do the same as you zoom}
{Don't let door hit you where I used to}
oh yea you'll remember boo.
You'll be missing me and I been over you
[It's all over!] (repeat)

You steady missing me and I'm already over you.
The besties agree. You done been kicked out of the crew
Don't get excited. No reuniting will be happening in the future
[Hoping will not serve you well in this situation]

Still talking when your body should be
In motion
You never cared about
My emotions
You want the antidote well I got
That potion
Get out my face and change
Your body language

And please stop trying to get a word in
[Chll STAT]
Before I call Adonis back in
And at my next event RSVP no for me
Chances are done you see
So glad i can finally
Rockin back and forth like you're bugging out
Wont change a thing
[This is happening]
What are you gonna do now?


vamp for the gods!!!!! lol
Track Name: Suddenly (It Happened)
So there I was,
Finally rid of that pest.
And there he was.
Looking so RIGHT in that tight shirt.
But, even with that I hesitated.
See, scrawny shorty had so debase’d I
Couldn’t see what the upgrade was.
Adonis, being my true hero, he waited,
And waited,
And waited, till
Suddenly I was blitzed by an epiphany.
While BLITZED it hit me.
I was in love.
For real this time
And Adonis was mine.
God laid that clay, spun the earth and molded, just so he COULD be.
Previously hard to say.
Cause I had seen love before.
Friends came and went.
But friends also stayed.
Lovers came...and went.
Friends in love with each other and loving it.
And I prayed that that day would soon come my way.
(and oh so suddenly) 8x
(It happened to me) 4x
Track Name: Incarnate
What would life be without
Not sure it’d be something I’d
My smile is so connect it to
Every little thing within you
(Still you)
Remind me everyday how strong I am
(oo oooo)
That I’d make alone if I had
And how without me
It would be harder for you

(You are love
Unconditional attention.
Giving plentiful affection.
That's you.
It's apparent. 2x

Instantly charge all the mistakes I make
My head and not my heart. And that takes
Special being and that’s you
Time for us to lock the door and screw
On the handle that we broke
(Last night)
While you were tickling me it’s been a
(While since I)
Let anyone in that deep
Then we’d cuddle to we fell asleep

And this ain’t no (competition)
A race to see who is the better (lover)
You’re my closest friend
The bestest man
We know each others secrets (baby)
We hold it down this ain’t no (maybe)
OH we
Found the ones faded

(We are love incarnate)
Unconditional attention.
Giving plentiful affection.
That's you.
(It's apparent.) 2x
Track Name: LeOric
Never been in love
But the ones that have they say (it ain’t easy)
I thought it would be fun
And we could say (I do)
(But we need to be sure because marriage does me forever in my book. It’s quite important to me)
{It’s hard to just let it out)
(Oh but I’ll try)
I think I’m in love
And others who are they say (it last forever)
(And once you’ve found the one
There is nothing you can do)
So that means, if it is true, I will love you until my final breath escapes me.
Does that (scare you)
(or please you)
Just be

(Be my blarney stone
Be my pot of Gold
You can have all I possess if
Be my blarney stone
Pot of gold)

A little bit of magic
A little bit of wealth
You encompass both and I’ve been searching
Been on 5 quest just to find you
It’s a little scary but I’ll be LeOric today
Stand up and say
It’s you.
Its you
I found it
My magic
My riches
Its you

(Be my blarney stone)
Be my pot
(Be my pot of Gold)
On the other side of the rainbow
You can have
(You can have all I possess if)
What ever you want from me just be
(Be my blarney stone
Pot of gold)
Track Name: The Build (Prod. by AJIsReal)
Here comes the bulldozers
To knock me down
To the ground
Here come the bulldozers
To knock me down
To the ground again
Try to put back my own pieces
But I can’t
I try
To stand erect
Tall and ever vigilant

But here comes the boulder
It will penetrate my skin
Here comes the boulder
It will break me again

But the build happens
After the demolition
The build happens
After it’s (Quiet)

Here comes the air-o planes
To knock me down
To blow me up
Here comes the lies like darts
Stinging and thrusting
From the inside
Had no levies from the conception
Without a shield

(But here comes the boulder
It will penetrate my skin)
Here comes the atom bomb
(It will wipe us out again)

(But the build happens
After the demolition
The build happens
After it’s Quiet
But the build happens
After the demolition
The build happens
After it’s Quiet)

(The construction has ceased)
(The construction has ceased
The build happens
So I can rise again
Track Name: Going Over
Once I was scared to be
In this world it’s harder than it seems to be
But I won’t spend time explaining
I’m to busy living my joy
‘cause now I

Got my chest lifted
My eyes forward
I’m going over
(Got my chest lifted
My eyes forward
I’m going over

Gazing at water so dangerous
(I remember) I can float across seas with my head held high
(And any time I start to doubt)
There’s a negative stirring in my soul
How could I possibly be afraid to drown?
How could I not smile and laugh in authority?
“No weapon shall prosper”
I’m endowed with the power
Will assure me victory

(Got my chest lifted. My eyes forward. I’m going over. Over)
(Just try to stop me)
(Got my chest lifted. My eyes forward. I’m going over. Over)
(You can’t block me)
Track Name: Not Difficult to Foresee {1st Draft}(Prod. by Joel Goodwin
Finally I don’t have to
(visualize the aisle)
It’s there on paper I can’t wait
(to walk it with you)
And be joined eternally
Souls partnering equally

(Twas not difficult to foresee
God’s everlasting mercy making a way)
For us to have a family
To live the American dream
It (possible now)
All that is (possible now

I can declare my love
For you
On the roof tops
Knowing full well we soon can be
In the state of out choosing
No longer losing
(In fact we already WON!!)

(Twas not difficult to foresee
God’s everlasting mercy making a way)
For us to have a family
To live the American dream
(Twas not difficult to foresee
God’s everlasting mercy making a way)